Adhesive Glitter Board, A4 Turquoise - 50pk

Adhesive Glitter Board, A4 Turquoise - 50pk

Use our gorgeous glitter board to add a bit of sparkle!  The board is adhesive-backed so you can just peel and stick. It is also a lovely thick 250gsm so it is strong enough to be your base card as well.

Ideas for use:

  • As an embellishment: Draw your design on the reverse, cut it out, then peel off the backing and attach to your card (don't forget to draw your design backwards!).
  • Dress up the back: Add some sparkle to the back of your invitations. Just cut to size, peel off the backing and attach to the back.
  • Add a glittery base: Use the glitter board as the base card for your invitations. Cut the board to size and mount your invitation to the front.
  • Cake toppers: Make your own sparkly cake toppers. Create your design then attach to skewers with some craft glue or a glue gun.
  • Double-sided confetti: Peel off the backing and attach your paper of choice. This could be a single colour, a design or a mix of papers. Then just grab a pair of scissors and start snipping! You can cut mini triangles, rectangles, squares or do a random shape mix.

Handy hint: To remove the adhesive backing, just scratch the backing paper with your fingernail and you'll break through to easily remove the thin layer of backing paper.  We found that this way works a lot better as it keeps your corners and edges in tact, rather than fluffing them up while you try to separate the backing paper off. Give it a go!

** Please note there may be some "seconds" in the packs. At this clearance price we're sorry we are unable to check each sheet individually. We have found the seconds are great for craft and DIY where you don't need the full A4 sheet of glitter, eg. confetti, envelope liners, cut-outs, bunting flags, cake toppers. **