DESIGNme : Alex Mae's Very Own Printing Software

Not only have we made the most lovely stationery for you to play with, we also thought we'd take it one step further and build DESIGNme - our very own Alex Mae printing software to make it super easy for you to create beautiful custom stationery at home.

We've already done all of the tricky stuff and worked out the measurements and layouts for you. So now all you need to do is pick a design, enter your words and voila! DESIGNme creates a print-ready PDF for you to print at home (or at your local print shop).

Alex Mae DIY Stationery

We have hand-picked a wonderful selection of fonts and you have the option to add a list of names to merge in with your design, which is perfect for making invitations. We also let you choose whether or not you need cut lines printed, and you can email yourself a copy of your design for safe-keeping. So let's just say we've tried to make it pretty darn easy for you to make awesome stationery on your own.

As this is our first release please email if you have any problems or find any bugs and we will get onto fixing them straight away. Here's a cute little video we made to show you how it works with our signature PRINTme papers...

Please enjoy using our software and we welcome your feedback and comments for future development.

Now let's get to it, click here to access DESIGNme!