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Make a wish!

There is no doubt that wishing wells are the most common method for gifting the modern bride and groom. If you aren't familiar with the concept of a wishing well, this is when the couple request a monetary gift in lieu of a gift registry. It is definitely super convenient to be able to put the funds towards something you'll both love, and at the same time it removes some of the terror for your guests trying to find something you'll treasure (rather than return or re-gift after the wedding!). What's even easier is that here at Alex Mae, we have created these lovely Wishing Well cards to pop in with your invites.  (We wrote the little rhyme ourselves, we...

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Free Printables : Making Seating Plans Pretty!

We often hear of seating plans becoming one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.  Well not anymore!  We've created a little template to make this task a little bit easier - you might even go as far to say enjoyable! Say good bye to messy, illegible diagrams with changes and scribbles all over it.  We have a solution to make changes a breeze! By using washi tape (that just so happens to be removable!) on these great little templates we've created, we're able to play swapsies with our guests to our hearts content. We've used a selection of Dailylike Masking Tapes as our seat markers, but any quality washi tape should work. Whilst we can't stop your Mum...

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