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Free Printables : DIY Banner

Here's a quick little DIY to brighten your space for 2016! You will need: 2 A4 sheets of Colour 1 (we used Mint) 1 A4 sheet of Colour 2 (we used Melon) 1 A4 sheet of Colour 3 (we used Cream) Scissors Mini hole punch (or large needle) 13 mini paper fasteners (aka brads or split pins) Decorative tape (we used our Gold Glitter Tape) Step One Download the "Make Today Amazing" Banner PDF here, then print pages 1 and 2 on your first colour (Mint), page 3 on your second colour (Melon), and page 4 on your third colour (Cream). Step Two Cut out each letter and use the hole punch (or large needle) to make the holes where marked....

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Free Printables : DIY Envelope Liners

One of the best things about receiving mail is when the envelope practically bursts open with excitement because it's been made with something a little extra special. An envelope liner adds so much more to the message you're sending, and your loved ones are much more likely to treasure it for longer. At Alex Mae, we love envelope liners so much, we've created some free printable templates for you to create these beauties at home! You will need: An envelope Your choice of gorgeous patterned paper A pencil A pair of scissors Double-sided tape A metal ruler Step 1Download and print your choice of template and cut out the shape of the envelope liner. You can choose from SQ165, RT180, DLE, or C6X envelope sizes...

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Free Printables : Making Seating Plans Pretty!

We often hear of seating plans becoming one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.  Well not anymore!  We've created a little template to make this task a little bit easier - you might even go as far to say enjoyable! Say good bye to messy, illegible diagrams with changes and scribbles all over it.  We have a solution to make changes a breeze! By using washi tape (that just so happens to be removable!) on these great little templates we've created, we're able to play swapsies with our guests to our hearts content. We've used a selection of Dailylike Masking Tapes as our seat markers, but any quality washi tape should work. Whilst we can't stop your Mum...

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