How To Use Our DIY Pockets

Our handy DIY pockets are so easy to use, you're going to want to stick them onto everything! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started. You will need:


Step One
Take your pocket and place it on the table so you are looking at the raised score lines (i.e. rather than the indented lines). Fold each of the tabs in towards the middle of the pocket and press firmly on the folds using your bone scorer or squeegee to give a nice crisp fold.  


Your pocket should now look like this.

Step Two
Use the scissors to cut 3 strips of double-sided tape to fit the size of the tabs. Be sure to cut the edges on an angle to maximise the adhesive area. Attach to each of the tabs and rub firmly along the tape to ensure it has stuck down properly.  


Step Three
Keeping the tabs folded in, peel the paper backing from the bottom tab only (i.e. the longest tab). Now flip over the pocket and line up the bottom edge with the base of your DIY card (keeping the pocket centred horizontally within the card) and stick firmly into place. Once the bottom of the pocket is held in place, peel the paper backing from the remaining two tabs and stick in place.  


Step Four
Place some heavy books onto the pocket and leave overnight. The double sided tape is pressure activated, so we recommend leaving the books for 24 hours if possible to "set" the adhesive before using the pocket.  


Step Five
Slip all of your extra bits and pieces in once the pocket is ready and there you have it!

To give you ideas on the possibilities with our pockets, here are some in action...

Alex Mae Wedding Invitation

Kraft 154mm with the Tree of Love DIY card

Alex Mae Christening Thank You Card

White 154mm with the So Much Thanks card

Alex Mae Wedding Invitation

Kraft 105mm with the Tie the Knot DIY card

Alex Mae Wedding Invitation

White 154mm with the First Comes Love DIY card

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