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One of the best things about receiving mail is when the envelope practically bursts open with excitement because it's been made with something a little extra special. An envelope liner adds so much more to the message you're sending, and your loved ones are much more likely to treasure it for longer. At Alex Mae, we love envelope liners so much, we've created some free printable templates for you to create these beauties at home!

You will need:


Step 1
Download and print your choice of template and cut out the shape of the envelope liner. You can choose from SQ165RT180DLE, or C6X envelope sizes (click on these links for your free printable). Make sure there is no page scaling when you print, i.e. print at 100%. We are using the Alex Mae C6X Envelope template in our example here.


Step 2
Trace the template onto the BACK of the paper you're going to use as the liner. Mark where the fold line is and rule a line to act as a guide for placement later on.


Step 3
Cut the traced template out of the patterned paper and fold along the guide you ruled. Make sure you fold in towards the pattern you want to show.  


Step 4
Flip the liner so you are looking at the back, and add double-sided tape along all three edges of the triangle section at the top (do not remove the backing of the tape just yet). Slip the liner into the envelope, pattern facing out, and line up your fold line with that of the envelope. Now try and centre the liner horizontally so it is in the middle of the envelope. While holding the bottom half of the liner firmly in place, fold back the top triangle and remove the paper backing from the double-sided tape.


Step 5
Slowly smooth the top flap of the envelope liner back into place, and there you have it! One beautiful envelope liner made with love, by you.


Experiment with different papers and envelopes for some gorgeous effects!

RT180 Envelope

RT180 Envelope

SQ165 Envelope

SQ165 Envelope

DLE Envelope

DLE Envelope

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